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"Celebrate your special somepony on Hearts and Hooves Day whether it’s the one you love, or simply your best friend! — Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops
Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, everypony! Share this with your friends because they are the most special someponies of all!!"
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Magister equitum per Orientem
Cælestia ora pro nobis
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Background Pony #AF1E
But then again, you should be displeased that Lyra was an unfunny, unentertaining little whiny beeotch in "Slice of Life". If Lyra is a "lesbian" (as if pony society would put sapient beings into boxes like that), then by our human standards, she’s a crappily-written stereotypical one. Her dialogue in that one scene was like that of Overly Attached Girlfriend.

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TwiLuna - the MasterShip
This is nothing to do with kids. Everything is about money.
For example Russian fat officials will blow the scandal, and will ban show and merch. I saw already something like this. And I assure you ponies are really good sellers here.
And they will do this not for the sake of kids, just to legally destroy foreign competitor.
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Honestly, I doubt there would be that many complaints from people that are actually watching the show and buying the merch if they made Lyra and Bon Bon canon. And the groups that do complain would likely just give them free advertising. It’s a risk, but one that could really pay off.

As a side note for the people that complain about the current, "Think of the children!" culture, it’s not exactly a new thing. There’s a reason the Simpsons was mocking that all the way back in the 90s. As someone that grew up in the 90s, I can say a kids cartoon wouldn’t have gotten away with having an openly gay couple back then. Hell, the few adult shows that did (like Ellen Degeneres’ old sitcom) were taken off the air in a lot of places around the country. It wouldn’t even surprise me if MLP would be taken off the air in some parts if they confirmed Lyra and Bon Bon.
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@Background Pony #34B1
ATLOK chickenshitted out and had Korra and Asami holding hands as they walked into the sunset in literally the final shot of the series (after being pretty-blatant-but-not-saying-it-out-loud since the first season); in Steven Universe, Garnet is a walking same-gender (or lack thereof) relationship.
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Since the Beginning
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nobody's favorite
Devil’s advocate: It’s not so hard to believe they’d exist if Equestria were an actual society. It’s somewhat harder to swallow that overt lesbianism would be permitted to reach the screen in this day and age of "Think of the children!" and overzealous, trigger-happy censorship.
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I suppose I better express, using "I" language/assertive communication, how I feel about your comment:
(sssshhhhh, some people just have "problems" with the idea of other people being "different".)

Tthe reply that I did end up making to PonyPon was’t influenced by seeing your little comment mere minutes before beginning to type it. I was thinking about how to reply to PonyPon in a sensible way the previous night, and had the general idea planned out before logging in this morning.

So, maybe you wouldn’ta posted that comment if I posted my "I don’t reckon as strongly" reply to PonyPon before you showed up? Maybe?

Just take a look at your comment:
(sssshhhhh, some people just have "problems" with the idea of other people being "different".)
It’s not just that it is snide and smug, it’s also… a really false statement about me personally ("I" language!). It’s such a lazy generalization that should only be used on people who have genuinely demonstrated that type of overall mindset. I’m really disappointed that such a prominent poster and member of Derpibooru posted it. It’s really false even when you only go offa my comment to Meso Echo, and PonyPon’s reply.

I don’t feel that I have (more "I" language and assertive communication skills! I think I am doing it correctly!) formed any sentences here that warrant that sort of petty reaction. Especially the swaggy "sssshhhhh".

Save that for someone who butthurtedly puts air quotes around the word "marriage". Or someone who all-capitalizes or italic stresses the "if" in "if Lyra is a lesbian".

I also compared Lyra in that episode to Overly Attached Girlfriend, whose entire characterization is heterosexual, therefore, obviously the way she reacts to Bon Bon is Not So Different to the way Overly Attached Girlfriend would react to her male objects of desire.

So, yeah, save it for someone who doesn’t imply what I implied there.

Well, I reckon that’s it. No other tangents to go off on. I do genuinely wonder if an alternate timing of me posting my reply to PonyPon earlier and you seeing that first would’ve affected your thoughts on me.

So, in conclusion, I knew I might see drama in the comments upon this image, but I figured, I won’t get involved unless I have something truly relevant to say. Really, any point that has been said, has been said already, so I just ended up deciding only to comment when someone took it upon themselves to decide to insert something genuinely unworthy (of the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I guess) into the discussion. That’s when my jimmies get rustled.
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"whether it’s the one you love, or simply your best friend!"

Them are pretty much the same thing. If there’s someone (maybe outside of very early-made familial love) that you think of as "the one you love", they literally are your best friend. If they aren’t your best friend, then they are not "the one you love".

Hank Hill said "Peggy’s my best friend". Not one of his fence buddies.
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danielericiverson's avatar
So this is what happens when I don’t stay up to immediately jump on to reply? I figured it could wait between eight and nine hours.
I’m literally about to reply. I’m seeing that post at 509AM on February 23, posted 23 minutes ago. (now 40 minutes ago)

So it looks like you are replying to this little parenthesesed portion:
[i](as if pony society would put sapient beings into boxes like that)[/i]
Yeah, of course there could be [i]some[/i] sense of "sexualities" (by which you mean, specific attractions to specific genders). The distinction is that I don’t reckon they’d that use labels and identity politics as strongly. That’s what the key words "into boxes [i]like that[/i]" is about.

Considering how closely sexuality is tied in with love and affection in general when we see committed instances of it in our world, well when that is combined with how the ponies have a totally different level of emotionality (moreso than most Western cartoons with human characters these days)

…and how certain ideas and virtues have magic.

I’d figure that they simply don’t have as much of a need for ponies to card-carry and self-identify as strongly. But naw, I’m a soccer mom who doesn’t believe that gay ponies can exist because "it’s a kid’s cartoon!"

Well, I hope that I did this correctly and did a good job of correcting the person on just the stuff that they were pointing out. I don’t like to argue just to argue and be antagonistic. Something has to be wrong and require correction, rather than just rustling my jimmies personally.
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