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"Alternate Gender Counterparts of Heroes" is my new project! Here, characters switch roles with their soul mates (mares with stallions and stallions with mares).

Big Mac is the Alternate Gender Counterpart of Cheerilee. He is a teacher at the Ponyville Schoolhouse.
Cheerilee is the Alternate Gender Counterpart of Big Mac. She is a hard-working earth uncommunicative pony. She is a Braeburn’s sister.
safe (1428844)artist:osipush (367)big macintosh (25227)cheerilee (8812)earth pony (148122)pony (697681)absurd resolution (61319)alternate gender counterpart (34)alternate hairstyle (21277)alternate universe (5855)bowtie (7266)cheeribetes (142)cheerimac (762)cute (148445)duo (39118)female (759699)freckles (20517)glasses (46993)hair bow (10390)macabetes (251)male (257893)mare (334989)personality swap (186)role reversal (1191)shipping (164419)simple background (290688)stallion (72956)straight (109439)tail bow (3850)transparent background (151801)vector (66557)


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