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suggestive139463 artist:graphenescloset668 rainbow dash230465 scootaloo50750 pegasus280077 pony938505 adorafatty331 belly27551 belly button75505 big belly10675 chubby cheeks3601 dialogue63809 fat21624 feeding dash28 female1335822 filly64797 food68206 huge belly3214 ice cream4937 impossibly large belly10138 large belly1053 mare466115 morbidly obese7645 obese11273 overeating79 rainblob dash809 scootalard208 squishy2502 stuffed1665 tubby wubby pony waifu187 tummy ache38 weight gain4109 weight gain sequence768


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Background Pony #0F8D
I wonder how scootaloo would react to dash swallowing her as a final meal while her food is being digested