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Tried another comic. Attempted some body swap this time around featuring Chrysalis and Cadance.
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explicit454359 artist:kanashiipanda624 princess cadance38887 queen chrysalis41260 alicorn303143 changeling63936 pony1548947 comic:royal research: body swap11 kanashiipandaverse140 g41934434 abdominal bulge9355 aftersex11943 ahegao32692 anus131680 begging1256 belly41179 body swap894 both cutie marks13679 butt219447 cervical contact1364 cervix2358 clitoris39406 comic132292 creepy alien facehugger dick371 cum101533 cum in uterus2226 cum inflation5009 cute257506 cute porn7276 dialogue89043 egg5259 female1746317 floppy ears70511 full comic360 funny porn1535 futa59645 futa on female15127 futa queen chrysalis1810 gaping4643 gaping vagina1666 hentai quotes455 horn173295 horngasm1033 hornjob1131 impregnation4379 infidelity9448 inflation12125 internal5723 internal cumshot4338 intersex61914 lesbian114825 lip bite14885 magic93848 mare708078 nudity493438 nymphomaniac34 open mouth225905 orgasm17458 oviposition2610 ovipositor935 panting3718 penetration83953 plot136201 ponut61205 pregdance324 pregnant16405 princess cadance is always horny176 sex164013 sex noises1169 ship:cadalis509 shipping246093 speech bubble36868 spread pussy5337 spread wings88638 this explains everything73 tongue out141617 uterus3381 vagina54074 vaginal54753 vaginal secretions50995 vulgar24717 vulva181025 vulvar winking17009 wide eyes19583 wingboner9488 wings208829 x-ray10725


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Background Pony #766C
Surprising this didn’t already have the “princess cadance is always horny” tag.

The Cynical Art Critic
perhaps, but since they’re just talking it doesn’t need to be so proper. It would be super awkward if we all spoke in proper, complete, and exact grammatical correct sentences.
Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
@Cpt Pudge Muffin  
Its a staple of their work, yeah. I personally don’t care for it normally but when used for comedy like it feels like it is here, it can make stuff hotter since it makes it feel like they’re super casual about this stuff.
Cpt Pudge Muffin
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Artist - captainpudgemuffin

Touch me in places
Pretty hawt. I personally found the dialogue really cringey though. Felt SUPER anime. You know, how the characters explain everything verbally instead of just showing it through emotions or actions.
“We are doing this and this is happening right now and you are doing this to me and I am feeling this because you are doing that!”
“Stop talking and FUCK eachother!”  

Maybe it’s just me, but expositional dirty talk and narrating everything that’s happening as it happens is a huge turn off.
There are exceptions if it’s done right though. Friendship is Carrots being one.
Just my unwarranted two cents.

The Cynical Art Critic
You know, I don’t know how you do it Kanashiipanda… But you make even fetishes I’m not into hot…