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safe1615778 artist:dori-to268 bon bon15678 lyra heartstrings28423 sweetie drops15678 earth pony215957 pony883550 unicorn285292 comic:silly lyra73 burger1706 clothes426044 coat2594 comic103349 crying41037 eating8991 female1286242 fire10499 flame eyes32 floppy ears47839 food64294 french fries518 greenscale60 grin34632 hay burger559 hoodie12798 hot sauce103 i've made a huge mistake29 lip bite10812 mare439530 monochrome144865 regret259 silly lyra69 spicy107 sweat24230 this ended in tears79 this will end in heartburn19 wingding eyes20174


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Spiritus Arcane
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Have you actually read the fic?

For anyone who can't be bothered to…SPOILERS(You HAVE been warned):
Here's a basic summary.

Due to an incredibly bad case of wrong place, wrong time, Lyra, who had come to Ponyville for the Summer Sun Celebration to spend time with her friend Twilight, ends up being torn loose from the fabric of time. What this basically means is that to everyone in the world she effectively has ceased to exist. No one can remember her, or remember interacting with her in the past, and even in the present they only retain it for a minute or so. Anyway, there's another side effect that, the longer she's like this the more of herself she loses too, and she's anchored to Ponyville, so she can't look for a means to fix herself outside of the area around the town.

Anyway, many trials and troubles occur until, and she watches helplessly as her family and friends fall apart because she no longer exists in their lives, and everyone she interacts with forgets about her the second she looks away for a moment.

Finally, she finds a means of restoring herself…except that she can't because restoring her would mean that it'd be like she'd never been erased in the first place, but things she did WHILE erased were responsible for allowing the Mane 6 to stop Discord, meaning if she is saved…the whole world goes to hell. Unwilling to doom the world, she instead opts to remove her musical talent, which was what allowed her to find the cure…and the only thing that had allowed her to keep herself whole. The last chapter basically chronicles how things keep going on without her, while she loses more and more of herself until she finally dies, no one even knowing she existed…including herself.

That summary doesn't really do the story justice, so if you want the whole impact, I think it's still on