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safe (1426961)artist:aizy-boy (54)princess flurry heart (5514)twilight sparkle (259993)human (130578)equestria girls (159395)spoiler:s06 (508)clothes (354995)crown (10699)cute (148115)dress (34960)equestria girls-ified (7282)eyes closed (67825)flurrybetes (593)heart (37794)humanized (87958)jewelry (38881)older (18327)open mouth (103922)regalia (12211)twiabetes (8031)


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@And Brother I Hurt People
Eh. Nothing more than desaturated skin and clothes as a stylistic choice, I’d say. Not unlike the Daily Sunset series often is for example. Plus anyone familiar with EqG would recognise it as such.
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