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safe (1482965) artist:novich (19) dj pon-3 (27214) vinyl scratch (31313) christianity (292) cross (600) crusade (4) crusader (64) desert (1242) fantasy class (1277) holy war (2) kingdom of heaven (3) kingdom of jerusalem (2) knight (867) middle ages (5) military (1434) military uniform (882) paladin (207) religious headcanon (63) solo (912220) warrior (1139)


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12 comments posted
Honey Written

@Feydrid Kearn

There are a number of glitches in the game. The two-handed glitch, for example, with the gothic knights, at least in the original base game. Countless hours of fun with that game…that and Rome 1, Empire, and Shogun. lol
Feydrid Kearn

Crusades Historian
Greek fire

God, I wish I could get them to shoot when ordered. Them and those Islamic fire bomb throwers never work for me. They hate me, and because of this I hate them back.
Feydrid Kearn

Crusades Historian
Nothing more fun then playing as King Baldwin IV "the Leper", for me at least. Though fighting Saladin is hard enough without the Byzantines allying with Antioch and attacking me….. XD
Feydrid Kearn

Crusades Historian
"Jerusalem, a Kingdom forged by blood, steel, and faith. A place revered by the faithful, and coveted by many." Medieval 2 Total War Crusader Campaign.
The Last Reviewer

Never seen a greathelm with a opening for hair to come out.Not a smart thing to do with a greathelm,a stab in the opening for the hair or a single arrow and also a swing with a club,axe or even a sword to the top of the head could kill vinyl very quickly.That's kinda why the flat top great helm had to evolve because it was flat which means a sword blow to the top of the flat top greathelm could cause a concussion or at the very least a headache,so in 50-100 years after original greathelm was created the sugarloaf helm was created which was a upgraded great helm with a pointed top to reduce the chance of concussions and also better ventilation.But here it's a billion times worse and makes no sense because she doesn't even have a top to her helm.Also the openings for the eyes are too big,a sword stab or a arrow could easily kill her or blind her.