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explicit411411 artist:replica2052 oc824972 oc only606807 oc:dusk rhine372 oc:nolegs268 oc:reppy839 bat pony62881 anthro310679 unguligrade anthro57491 balls93877 blushing235276 breasts336721 brown underwear72 chest fluff52128 clothed sex3342 clothes550875 dialogue78829 female1582118 fingering5307 fire13462 fireplace3231 handjob5132 horsecock84741 kneesocks1192 male451572 masturbation21576 medial ring8795 mutual masturbation402 nervous7107 nudity445716 pajamas3740 panties56870 panties around legs2611 panties pulled down4420 penis184731 plum45 sex146456 shipping227436 socks80338 stealth sex1136 straight157519 sweater17000 teenager5874 thrill of almost being caught632 underwear69809 vulva158058 whispering291


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OMG! Been there! There was one night when my girlfriend (now wife) and I were doing the exact same thing. We were sitting watching The Love Boat in the living room and things started getting frisky. Before we knew it the blanket was on our laps and we were doing what you see here. Suddenly my sister comes home and she’s in tears because she just broken up with her boyfriend. She sits down next to my girlfriend and starts crying on her shoulder. Literally. My girlfriend and I are looking at each other trying to figure out what the heel to do. Finally she left and came. It was too funny.
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How this goes: Reppy keeps distracting them at just the right time, always careful not to let them think she knows what they’re doing. So they keep doing it, and she keeps interrupting, effectively edging them like crazy until they can’t even dream of stopping. Then she finally has mercy, letting them get going… and then pretending she made a mess on herself in the kitchen. Nolegs, realizing the implication and feeling it already pulsing in her hand, leans over to prevent the mess by swallowing it. Only he’s been edged way past normal, and there’s way way too much, so after a few good swallows she has to pull off to breathe and it goes everywhere. Naturally, she cums while she’s doing it, so they’re both panting messes.
Then they come to and realize Reppy has her chin on the back of the couch, watching them and smirking. She proceeds to critique their technique and offer advanced lessons… in that and other things.
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Well, I felt it was related because I often critically think about everything I see, and this brought the comment together. It’s not something I can really stop, I’ve always been one to see how things can be relative to real life and go into more thought on the subject.
Understandably, not everyone thinks the way I do. I don’t expect anyone to see my deep thought as more than dribble, but the need for interaction with like-minded individuals is one every social animal desires because of how wondrous emotions are. Loneliness is a wall of cold iron, and relationships are the doors.
I apologize. I meant no harm.
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"sOcIOecOnOMIC thEoRY"
@Silent Wing
I for one think you completely wasted your breath by posting a ranty unprompted wall of text about teen pregnancies that is completely and 100% unrelated to the picture.
I have absolutely no clue where you were trying to go with your comment.