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An MLP-themed Neko Atsume print for Ponycon2016!
;0; Enjoy, friends.
safe1898176 artist:zombie292 angel bunny10478 applejack183498 derpy hooves52966 fluttershy231363 pinkie pie232915 princess celestia102266 princess luna106456 rainbow dash253100 rarity197794 tank2925 twilight sparkle324467 alicorn260510 cat7330 cat pony686 earth pony329851 original species30009 pegasus373304 pony1245785 rabbit6615 tortoise848 unicorn410739 :35401 anus111997 apple18300 appul124 behaving like a cat2499 belly33439 book37632 box5329 butt148805 cardboard box877 cloud35781 crossover67207 cute225362 derpy being derpy183 eyes closed112986 featured image1009 female1535343 flying44474 food82394 gem7438 giant apple105 hiding1601 lake1754 levitation13653 lying down28395 magic82553 mane six34449 mare577350 neko atsume15 on back28184 plastic bag53 plot103811 pony in a box1138 prone29408 rainbow5448 river2264 silly7967 silly pony3185 simplistic anus619 sitting74200 smiling308772 spread wings68876 telekinesis32208 tree38663 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134614 water17211 weapons-grade cute4123 wings158121


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Japanese art styles often make different animal feature inclusion decisions than American ones.  
I believe the reason this game’s particular style does it is because the cats look very blobby in nature, which can lead to a lack of definition/centering on the rear ends without something, and cats don’t really have buttcracks. It also contributes to the “cheeky” nature of cats showing you their butts.