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safe1727566 artist:burning-heart-brony130 applejack171547 derpy hooves50476 dj pon-329473 flash sentry13005 fluttershy214928 pinkie pie218210 princess cadance32792 princess celestia95848 princess luna99937 rarity183651 sunset shimmer63868 vinyl scratch29474 alicorn228595 pegasus300195 pony987795 unicorn332554 comic:friendship isnt canon12 alternate hairstyle28613 butt62268 chase855 comic110273 death5411 derpsentry50 everypony loves flash2 female1381842 flash sentry gets all the mares111 flashcadance29 flashimmer2153 flashjack53 flashlestia49 flashscratch22 flirting1497 flutterflash84 heart49189 infidelity6782 lunasentry12 male380361 mare491242 pinkiesentry75 plot80516 ponytail18278 sentrity113 shipping202940 stallion112134 straight138391 unwanted harem3


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I love this. I've always seen Flash as this adorable blank slate everyone hated for no reason.
I want him to have all the waifus.
Background Pony #6CA3
Wow, this whole time we were making complains about him being a waifu stealer, and now we just hand them over to him . . . . . . . . . . . I was totally serious when I said that this hate is getting less and less logic