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Well, I forgot some details on the previous version. Hopefully I didn’t forget any more.


safe (1222899)artist:kheas (1)starlight glimmer (29236)twilight sparkle (227126)the cutie re-mark (2560)absurd res (37161)alicorn (123204)dodge (64)female (544661)fight (4502)flying (23659)glowing horn (9303)levitation (6297)magic (45906)mare (235565)pony (488134)self-levitation (338)simple background (228056)telekinesis (15420)transparent background (123261)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (83685)vector (58472)

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Background Pony #C993
Sky-blue and Pink
A god vs mare
Reconciliation and Revenge
* it says teasing * The princesses are coming ……… .. The princesses are coming
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Background Pony #40E0
Meanwhile….Daydream Shimmer and Midnight Sparkle are floating in a corner wondering what is going on.

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Kheas, did you create this vector? If so, you should add the artist:kheas tag. Also, have you posted it anywhere else, like deviantart, tumblr, etc? You should add a source link to that then, as well.
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