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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

(Previously known as Jackarunda)

potato wizard
(this only works if you’re in Chrome, though there may very well be ways to do it in other browsers)

1. right click on Ashdreg’s comment. The text body ("I like Firefox…"), not the blue surrounding or anything. Click directly on the text.

2. select "Inspect element"

3. the Chrome dev tool window will open up. It will show you the page’s HTML source code, with the line containing Ashdreg’s comment text highlighted (it’s a div element with the classname "comment_body", the hierarchy is indicated with indentation, the text itself may be a few lines below the line highlighted).

4. double click on the comment text itself (it will be black, unlike the surrounding text, which Chrome’s syntax highlighting causes to be red, purple and blue).

5. type "I like penises more"

6. press enter

7. close the Chrome dev tool window (circular X button, right side)

8. LOL

(kidding. I hold no animosity for Ashdreg or FF. I like to amuse myself by dicking with a webpage’s elements. One day I’ma actually learn HTML)
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