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Looks like Rainbow Dash isn’t quite ready to get up yet… we all know that feeling…  
Better let her sleep a little longer. No one wants a grumpy Dash this early in the morning. Another 5 minutes (or another hour and a half) ought to do it.
safe1946111 artist:ponyecho252 part of a set17934 rainbow dash257171 pegasus395017 pony1295773 bed49217 bed hair294 bedroom13321 blanket6510 blushing234709 cute232042 dashabetes10806 female1579361 lidded eyes38101 lying on bed2396 mare603944 messy mane9013 morning ponies1571 one eye closed39114 pillow22108 ponyecho is trying to murder us21 show accurate22932 signature34207 sleepy1924 solo1246044 sunrise1311


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