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Tried another comic. This time with portals. Luna x Chrysalis x Celestia.

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explicit (281623)artist:kanashiipanda (558)princess celestia (83437)princess luna (87835)queen chrysalis (29180)twilight sparkle (259634)comic:royal prank war: portals (12)kanashiipandaverse (101)abdominal bulge (4508)aftersex (7228)ahegao (18294)all fours (2468)anus (77671)bedroom eyes (44272)belly (20396)bondage (26613)cervical contact (638)cervix (1232)clitoris (20944)clothes (354578)comic (89224)creampie (23270)creepy alien facehugger dick (174)cum (64739)cum inflation (2797)cumming (16088)cunnilingus (7992)cutie mark underwear (833)dark genitals (8022)dialogue (50483)dock (37840)doggy style (6241)drool (20074)egg (3025)female (756966)floppy ears (41199)from behind (10391)full comic (246)glowing eyes (8464)green semen (162)implied twilestia (136)impregnation (2056)incest (11023)inflation (7172)intersex (34884)lesbian (81635)looking back (41671)magic (57280)now you're thinking with portals (274)nudity (293981)open mouth (103818)oral (39230)orgasm (6798)oviposition (1592)ovipositor (492)panties (41457)panties around legs (1936)panting (2331)penetration (41129)plot (64771)ponut (33683)portal (1562)portal panties (12)prank (1203)pregnant (11105)princest (1867)purple underwear (1751)raised hoof (31987)sex (93604)sex noises (579)sex toy (20513)shipping (164017)shivering (1752)smiling (182559)spread wings (40853)tongue out (75556)twilestia (2323)underwear (49527)vaginal (29364)vaginal secretions (32638)vulva (97159)vulvar winking (9081)white underwear (2841)wide eyes (14254)wingboner (7264)wink (18611)x-ray (5605)


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I just noticed, but shouldn’t the panties Chrysalis is wearing have Celestia’s pussy? I doubt they’re one way, unless they can control them somehow.
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