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Tried another comic. This time with portals. Luna x Chrysalis x Celestia.
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explicit398616 artist:kanashiipanda600 princess celestia102410 princess luna106579 queen chrysalis38056 twilight sparkle324793 alicorn261015 changeling55601 changeling queen20188 pony1248620 comic:royal prank war: portals12 kanashiipandaverse136 abdominal bulge7536 aftersex10568 ahegao28459 all fours3571 anatomically correct28108 anus112254 bedroom eyes68887 belly33533 blushing227818 bondage38936 both cutie marks12081 butt149215 cervical contact1214 cervix2005 chryslestia315 chryslunestia49 clitoris32466 clothes533853 comic119861 creampie36333 creepy alien facehugger dick306 cum89568 cum inflation4313 cumming26448 cunnilingus10816 cutie mark underwear963 dark genitals13440 dialogue75915 dock58566 doggy style8702 drool28625 egg4619 eyes closed113330 female1537963 floppy ears61252 from behind15542 full comic322 futa52446 futa queen chrysalis1514 glowing eyes12988 green semen179 implied twilestia172 impregnation3587 incest15352 inflation10703 internal4870 intersex50329 lesbian105684 looking back69441 lying down28547 magic82734 mare578892 now you're fucking with portals201 now you're thinking with portals426 nudity430327 open mouth183908 oral55231 orgasm14530 oviposition2298 ovipositor829 panties55553 panties around legs2555 panting3301 penetration69745 plot104146 ponut51775 portal2135 portal panties34 prank1562 pregnant14705 princest2409 prone29478 purple underwear2288 raised hoof56551 sex141191 sex noises997 sex toy28886 shipping222676 shivering2274 smiling309771 speech bubble29012 spread wings69161 tongue out121932 twilestia2650 underwear68034 uterus753 vagina52175 vaginal46579 vaginal secretions44704 vulva150956 vulvar winking14038 wall of tags5053 white underwear3666 wide eyes18356 wingboner8844 wink28586 x-ray9191


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I just noticed, but shouldn’t the panties Chrysalis is wearing have Celestia’s pussy? I doubt they’re one way, unless they can control them somehow.
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It’s like sneaking up behind your lover and hugging them, or kissing them. No one screams “Non-consensual!” for that.
The sad thing is that there are people who would scream “Non-consensual!” for that because anything less than written consent for every occurrence of intimate visual (eye rape is a thing!) or physical contact is just barely enough for those types of people; California passed a law requiring written consent for sex on college campuses, so I’m not just talking about fringe people on the internet who don’t have any affect on real life.