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suggestive (113001)artist:illuminatiums (176)artist:thederpydash (2)edit (99035)rainbow dash (203776)base used (10540)clothes (355409)featureless crotch (5337)female (759333)plot (64889)rainbow socks (1200)rainbutt dash (2351)simple background (290558)socks (49093)solo (875443)solo female (154827)striped socks (16610)transparent background (151733)upside down (4483)vector (66541)

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Background Pony #B2BB
Rainbow Dash’s face is as nice as her round blue butt. I would kiss either one if I could and they would both feel just the same to me.
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Background Pony #7573
It’s not just you. I do notice Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark lightning bolts pointing where a vagina would be. I hope that was unintentional on the character designer’s part because Friendship is Magic is for kids.
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Background Pony #A4A8
Sean Wilkinson said Rainbow likely has the strongest sex drive of the Mane 6 and has seduced most of Ponyville, stallions and mares equally. I never noticed before that her lightning bolt cutie marks pointed to where her genitals would be.
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