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4 comments posted
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Headcanon: this is deepthroat training. For Rainbow Dash. She really likes kissing Fluttershy, but to do that, she has to throat the dildo… Flutters' throat control is good enough to take almost all of it or stop it in its tracks so she's making Dash take more every time she has to back off for air. The buttfucking is to help Dash associate deepthroating with pleasure because that's what really gets her off.

Before Fluttershy's done, she intends to make Dash so good at blowjobs that the Wonderbolts could run a train on her mouth and the first one wouldn't be ready again by the time she was done with the last one. Without magical assistance at least. Even if they all had dicks. And, of course, she means to make Dash's throat and lips so sensitive to cock that turning her over the couch and throatfucking her would be 50/50 with getting bent over the couch and fucked in the pussy.

But not the ass, because Dash is crazy for anal.