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safe1705119 artist:1jaz156 princess celestia94964 twilight sparkle300182 alicorn224219 pony966366 bench2517 cute199580 cutelestia3581 detailed778 fanfic art14337 featured image877 female1361856 flower25615 fluffy14239 food70036 fountain595 garden667 glowing horn19629 levitation12102 lidded eyes30665 looking down8836 magic73212 mare479922 modified accessory27 park1044 park bench103 pillow17894 prone25498 rose3882 scenery8019 scenery porn844 sculpture3274 smiling248033 statue2325 sunset5373 table9201 tea3053 tea set52 teacup2907 teapot1008 telekinesis27700 tree32205 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123614 water13230 wet8039


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Background Pony #45DB
MLP rpg game with the witcher graphics and gameplay with a cool story lik rockstar makes… the game I will always dream of
Background Pony #438E

i didn't say they weren't, just that they weren't elaborately detailed

though come to think of it neither are the roses, the statues by the gate and tea party, the wood on the benches, or most of the "big" stones such as the ground, gate posts, and lighter border stones

most of the detail is on the trees and greens which is at odds with how flat and smooth everything else looks, almost like real grass and a tree was placed on a very expensive cake display
I, Da Witchfinder

Opening this image is like putting on a new pair of glasses and you're just like "DAMN" at seeing the world so clearly for the first time in your life.