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safe2172029 artist:1jaz194 princess celestia112594 twilight sparkle357343 alicorn313622 pony1600217 g42026854 bench3710 cottagecore1142 cute265456 cutelestia4273 detailed1184 fanfic art18588 featured image1209 female1800160 flower39374 fluffy19547 food101141 fountain881 garden1073 glowing horn29097 horn189322 levitation16230 lidded eyes47901 looking down14662 magic96492 mare739403 modified accessory31 park1596 park bench231 pillow25473 prone35127 rose5270 scenery10416 scenery porn1126 sculpture3791 smiling396669 statue3225 sunset7745 table13054 tea3690 tea set76 teacup4036 teapot1488 telekinesis38995 tree49205 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148986 water25395 wet11650


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Background Pony #45DB
MLP rpg game with the witcher graphics and gameplay with a cool story lik rockstar makes… the game I will always dream of
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@Background Pony #172B  
Oh, well yeah, they aren’t, but if they were more detailed, they’d probably go into uncanny valley territory.  
Agree on everything else, though.  
Still, it’s a good drawing.
Background Pony #438E
i didn’t say they weren’t, just that they weren’t elaborately detailed
though come to think of it neither are the roses, the statues by the gate and tea party, the wood on the benches, or most of the “big” stones such as the ground, gate posts, and lighter border stones
most of the detail is on the trees and greens which is at odds with how flat and smooth everything else looks, almost like real grass and a tree was placed on a very expensive cake display
I, Da Witchfinder

Give G5 A Chance
Opening this image is like putting on a new pair of glasses and you’re just like “DAMN” at seeing the world so clearly for the first time in your life.