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When one gets corrupted, it's a Nightmare. When all four of them go, it's the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Based more on the Biblical verses than common interpretations, Celestia is the white horse of Conquest, Luna is the black horse of Famine, Cadance is the red horse of War and Twilight is the pale horse of Death.
safe1751342 artist:silfoe1555 nightmare moon17225 nightmare star775 princess cadance33161 princess celestia96787 princess luna100807 twilight sparkle306255 alicorn232994 pony1011334 alicorn tetrarchy1086 armor24479 badass3308 book of revelation10 eclipse597 epic1374 equestria is doomed165 female1402611 fire11763 four horsemen of the apocalypse67 horseman of conquest6 horseman of death23 horseman of famine20 horseman of war24 magic75423 mare502547 nightmare cadance86 nightmare twilight192 nightmarified618 oh crap296 quartet432 rearing5871 scythe894 sword11988 telekinesis28750 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126224 warrior cadance30 warrior celestia385 warrior luna340 warrior twilight sparkle45 weapon31448 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2410


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Background Pony #5DF8
You could interpret that there’s a 5th horseman & include one more character
Valiant Spiral

Chaos Within Harmony
Celestia: of course; conquest is something evil Celestia is known to go for in common fanon.

Luna: considering what the logical ending of the Eternal Night without any sort of spellwork to keep the flora and fauna alive would be, famine is not inaccurate.

Cadance: War is usually born of hate.

Twilight: Do any of us have any idea what Twilight’s truly capable of at this point? If she were to put all of her resolve into killing someone?
Theophylaktos Kallimykteres
Artist -

Ἵππος Κωνσταντινουπόλεως
Beautiful image and quite accurate rendition of the words of the Book of Revelation, Ch. 6: "The sun became black as sackcloth made of hair […] The stars of the sky fell to the earth, like a fig tree dropping its unripe figs when it is shaken by a great wind."
Background Pony #3012
Someone once commented on FIMfiction that Scootaloo is like a cockroach when it comes to FIMfiction apocalypse scenarios, she's nearly impossible to kill and typically only goes of her own free will for a greater good.

In this case, the Princesses of the Apocalypse will be less a speed bump for her and more her greatest challenge.
Background Pony #A176
Nice eclipse in the background. Really frames the "end times" vibe.

I can only imagine that Discord, Tirek, Chrysalis, and Starlight Glimmer or Trixie are facing off against them off-panel.

Hey, thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out.

I think that pulling this sort of thing is a lot easier on written material because it's easier to pull the right strings with the reader (at least for me… Written material tends to be much more powerful).

Try reading "Night Shift" by Jaw Joe http://www.fimfiction.net/story/57463/twilight-sparkle-night-shift

I didn't really think Cadence could be scary either, but that story proved me wrong with a vengeance.


Yeah… Uh… Girls…

Celestia, no one takes you seriously anymore. Bring it down before you hurt yourself.
Cadance… You're pink. You don't look intimidating.
Twilight… I know you're supposed to be Death, but… A scythe? Skull? Bones? You're trying so hard it's cute.
Luna, go call your therapist.