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safe (1521428) artist:flutterluv (601) applejack (154854) fluttershy (192404) pinkie pie (198309) princess celestia (87549) princess luna (91594) rainbow dash (213663) rarity (164896) twilight sparkle (274029) alicorn (183557) pony (796045) series:flutterluv's full moon (65) animated (89157) christmas (11887) female (845627) full moon (2740) glow (3596) mare (386450) moon (20225) tangible heavenly object (1239) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110895)


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4 comments posted

As its scrolling so fast

Pinkie: Weeeeeee!
Dashie: Why Pinkie and not me?
AJ: (Looking down)How?
Shy: Too fast
Rarity: (distressed) I'm sweating
Twilight: Celstia!
Celestia: For the fillies. For the fillies. For the fillies.
Luna: Happy Harth's Warming!