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dead source25160 safe1750737 artist:xebck732 sunset shimmer64803 twilight sparkle306170 solar eclipse (au)5 equestria girls207135 friendship games12828 alternate hairstyle29075 alternate universe10507 bare shoulders2841 beautiful5781 clothes476126 daydream shimmer917 daydream sparkle11 dream sparkle7 dress46072 fiery shimmer420 midnight sparkle2567 midnight-ified122 role reversal1422 scene interpretation8826 sleeveless4877 strapless1751 take my hand45 vector77856 wings123144


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Background Pony #4E66

Awesome! Simply Awesome! I really love this alternate universe. It’s so epic. Can you make a edited screenshot of the battle between Dream Sparkle and Solar eclipse, please? Like, where they’er Firing blasts of energy from each other’s hands at each other.

@Background Pony #6BF1
I don't think so. The hair in the front is too different from Equestria's Twilight.

Plus, Human Twilight may be new but she has a lot more independent will and untapped potential then our Twilight. In an alternate dimension, she might have the potential to pull of an angelic transformation.
Background Pony #F802
Twilight: take my hand sunset let me show you there another way just like someone did for me.