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semi-grimdark28164 artist:atlur0 artist:twilights-secret30 edit119484 apple dumpling80 apple fritter706 applejack160121 big macintosh27003 bon bon15731 dosie dough7 fiddlesticks460 sweetie drops15731 earth pony203719 pony855852 abuse6402 apple family member2514 asphyxiation1372 bipedal31005 bon abuse23 bonpun311 dark comedy626 execution376 fiddle111 gallows humor23 hanged11 hanging1661 hanging (by neck)586 mouth hold15629 nine inch nails69 noose444 parody15278 parody of a parody96 pun7279 raise this barn68 rope10402 song935 this will end in death2132 visual pun1522