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…As if that wasn’t obvious enough >.>

Uhm… The rope slipped? ^^;

I don’t know… I really don’t know, but if I did, I would know a lot more about my troubled psyche and my awful sense of humor :I
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Background Pony #30C4
Bon bon is the Grif to my Sarge so this pic puts a smile on my face.
Bon-Bon wait if that happened then how am i still alive?
Me That’s a question I ask my self everyday. Moto-Lyra! Run her over!
Lyra (with enthusiasm) You got it hansome! Flattens bon bon into paste.
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Background Pony #5F70
if it makes you feel better I hate it and want to wipe it off the face of the planet. I’ve never punched a horse, but I would. @Twilights-Secret
Hanging ponies?


I did just upload this: >>1044801

someone removed this image, becuase apperantly an unauthorized edit of the work is not allowed on the site. this is probably the dumbest shit I have ever seen, since pretty much every image on this site is an unauthorized use of the show.
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aka Summersong
Sweetie Drops, you have been found guilty of crimes against the town of Salem. How do you plead?

"Mine’s got rocks in iiittt!!"
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