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Shit Gets Wheel
source needed (12725) safe (1522347) artist:mistermech (203) starlight glimmer (41329) twilight sparkle (274237) alicorn (183749) pony (796901) bonewheel skeleton (4) chase (753) crossover (55184) dark souls (629) female (846403) frown (20880) glare (7877) horrified (485) levitation (9849) magic (62523) mare (386931) monochrome (142348) open mouth (115893) portal (1681) scared (8783) self-levitation (513) skeleton (1525) skeleton wheel (1) telekinesis (23170) this will end in pain (1595) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111008) wheel (421) wide eyes (15731)


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24 comments posted
IoM citizen #42
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I remember my first time with these. Came out of Vamos' room, saw some skeletons, and thought,"Oh, this should be eas- Oh God! They're skeleton wheels!" I should have dodged, but they ground me into bits.