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Shit Gets Wheel
source needed (10941)safe (1376530)artist:mistermech (197)starlight glimmer (35784)twilight sparkle (250730)alicorn (152898)bonewheel skeleton (4)chase (630)crossover (51525)dark souls (622)female (709612)frown (18735)glare (7381)horrified (351)levitation (8078)magic (54633)mare (310761)monochrome (131475)open mouth (98850)pony (649429)portal (1484)scared (7285)self-levitation (431)skeleton (1322)skeleton wheel (1)telekinesis (19350)this will end in pain (1367)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96819)wheel (390)wide eyes (13760)

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IoM citizen #42
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(Previously known as ewilles)

I remember my first time with these. Came out of Vamos’ room, saw some skeletons, and thought,"Oh, this should be eas- Oh God! They’re skeleton wheels!" I should have dodged, but they ground me into bits.
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Comments23 comments posted