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Young Leosword
For some reason, some theoretical fan designs of alternate Twilight include Spike, long affirming my own theory of pretty much fans of anything: ADD affects… I’ve lost my train of thought. XD

(Additionally, I’m lying, I’ve not yet seen fan designs of alternate Twilight. Despite E25-6 being several months old. o_o; )
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Background Pony #02D4
Must been heartbreaking for him for someone his has a crush on and very attach to.

But it does show the oppsite from the main rarity who very attach to him.
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Background Pony #EE73
@Background Pony #2C9D
Well, dragons in general represent greed which is the oposite to Rarity’s element. It makes some sense for her to feel an innate distaste/distrust for the creatures that embody the opposite force to her element. Which like you said, actually shows how fond she is of Spike in particular and creates a beautiful connection between them.
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Background Pony #D28C
Kinda cute how the moment when Rarity was reluctant of dragons in the altered timeline pointed out how much Rarity is fond of Spike in the REAL timeline, because she would never say something so awful to him -indeed we saw him at the Carousel Botique with Rarity in the end XD
Because indeed all the Mane Five became the opposite o what they are in real life, like Fluttershy becoming like that in Chrysalis’ alternate future.
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Background Pony Number 17
What I found interesting was the way the episodes showed things getting progressively worse for Twilight and her friends. Not just their situation, but their actual personalities:

– In the Crystal War timeline, Equestria was going to hell in a handbasket, but Twilight’s friends were still pretty much themselves, doing what they had to do in the desperate situation they were in.

– In the Chrysalis Resistance timeline, Equestria had already gone to hell in a handbasket. Not all of Twilight’s friends appeared to have survived, but those who had were still "themselves", even if facing a hopeless situation.

– In the Nightmare Takeover timeline, though, Twilight’s friends were no longer recognizable as their original selves. Nightmare Moon’s evil had not only taken over Equestria, but had corrupted the very Elements of Harmony themselves.

– Twilight’s friends weren’t seen in the further alternate timelines, suggesting they either no longer existed or were unrecognizable.
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I'm just this pone, see?
I do think the scene in the finale does a great job of playing on the familiar, friendly connection Spike and Rarity do share on the show. (I’m not talking shipping; that’s another matter entirely.) It was rather shocking how different Rarity turned out. I was simultaneously intrigued by Rarity’s circumstances, and I felt sorry for little Spike.
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Background Pony #FC7A
worst part of the season finale, I hope they never show that side of Rarity ever again.
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