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original description:

A few months have passed by since Batty's arrangement with the tazlpony, who simply called herself "Tatzl". They got into a routine in that time. At dawn when it was time for her to take a nap, Tatzl would lay down by a tree, snack on a few fruits, some of which Batty would eat for herself, and when she was certain Batty was asleep, only then would she get up and head on her way. Then when the sun set once more, Tatzl would let her out, and Batty would find a little shelter for her to turn in for the night, sticking around until she knew Tatzl was asleep.

However one morning that routine was interrupted by a visitor who'd never seen a tatzlpony before; A satyr by the name of Rainbow Sprint who insisted she wasn't a fawn, because fawns were baby deer. Tatzl had tried telling her that she was saying she was a guy, but Sprint was far too busy asking several different questions about her and the vampire pony in her crop. Ever patient and friendly, she satisfied the fawn's curiosity, despite her blunt and sometimes rude comments, and soon enough Rainbow warmed the orange giant's heart to her.

It'd be a while before they figured out that the little hooves on her hooves were useful for more than pointing, holding things and making a loud snapping noise to get their attention…


Honestly, I've become absolutely obsessed with Tatzljack; her long tail, her endlessly useful tongues and her cuddly nature, inside and out! I believe I must blame Heir-of-Rick for bringing about this obsession by taking what was once something of an animal abomination and turning it into an adorable, fuzzy pony thing. Thus I've come to embrace every aspect of our tatzlpony friend, even the ones that others are squeamish about. But that's what the mature content filter's for!

Heir-of-Rick, you've done something to me, and I'm not sure whether to thank you or throttle you.


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Artist -

Well, shucks! Flattered to know my weirdness has infected inspired another. (Also, your ponies are wonderfully fluffy.)

Another has been converted. Soon, dtkraus. Soon they will all know and love glorious tatzljack