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Did another comic. This time with possession.

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explicit (289776)artist:kanashiipanda (561)princess celestia (85186)princess luna (89448)queen chrysalis (30049)comic:royal prank war: sleepwalker (11)kanashiipandaverse (102)abdominal bulge (4672)aftersex (7463)ahegao (19176)anatomically correct (19480)anus (79904)bed (32246)bedroom eyes (45731)blowjob (26240)breeding (566)casual sex (536)cervical contact (659)cervix (1257)clitoris (21614)comic (92572)cowgirl position (5431)cuddling (7187)cum (66494)cumming (16697)cunnilingus (8177)dialogue (52548)dock (39250)dream (2047)dream sex (5)drool (20618)drool string (4619)egg (3116)eye contact (5815)floppy ears (42376)full comic (258)futa (38238)futa on female (9805)futa queen chrysalis (1033)green semen (162)hug (23195)implied princest (118)impregnation (2143)inflation (7485)internal (3414)intersex (35802)kissing (20593)levitation (9119)licking (16142)magic (59395)mind control (2621)nudity (303087)open mouth (107932)oral (40364)orgasm (7196)oviposition (1629)ovipositor (504)penetration (42904)penis (125020)plot (66755)ponut (34840)possessed (1332)possession (332)prank (1250)pregnant (11373)raised tail (11952)remote control sex (2)sex (96674)sex noises (585)shivering (1791)smiling (189313)snuggling (6192)speech bubble (17331)spread wings (42209)telekinesis (21655)tongue out (78623)underhoof (42323)vagina (42962)vaginal (30394)vaginal secretions (33470)vulva (100522)vulvar winking (9332)wingboner (7396)x-ray (5806)


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Background Pony #640C
In modern day people tend to forget that even if something isn’t good by default it can still be good in the end if both sides are willing to participate in such things and satisfied with the results.

Same with calling people "nigga". The same people get mighty offended at one person for it while barely noticing someone else did it – all depends on the context and how well the people involved are acquainted.
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Comments40 comments posted