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It’s a dragon thing, Twilight, you wouldn’t understand.
safe (1427911)artist:tjpones (2640)spike (68445)twilight sparkle (260208)oc (524603)oc:briquette (2)alicorn (163247)dragon (37600)pony (695378)angry (19989)arsenic (4)caution sign (40)cheek fluff (3139)chest fluff (25702)cigar (629)cigarette (2967)comic (89398)cute (148270)dialogue (50581)ear fluff (17768)fangs (17676)female (759002)floppy ears (41270)fluffy (11494)frown (19575)gasoline (55)glare (7565)lead (59)levitation (8671)magic (57447)male (257646)mare (334614)mercury (element) (6)ocbetes (3292)open mouth (104021)shocked (4748)sideways glance (346)sign (3110)smiling (182943)smoking (3386)spread wings (40929)surprised (6814)telekinesis (20686)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101917)wide eyes (14274)


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That One Guy's avatar
That One Guy
I bet dragon cigarettes are just literally dry paper, so it can smolder pointlessly.
But then, several of those chemicals are on her lower shelf in high concentration. Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Gasoline… Labelled as health products.
So maybe they’re different, but still fairly similar.
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Background Pony #0445
This is degrading the culture of another species Twilight. Prepare to have Fury Belle protesting you! (Of course Fury Belle does that every week, but anyway.)
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Comments57 comments posted