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safe (1378108)artist:orang111 (386)spike (64699)starlight glimmer (35896)twilight sparkle (251020)oc (501760)oc:littlepip (3357)fallout equestria (13030)the cutie re-mark (2821)alicorn (153178)alternate timeline (2389)apocalypse (234)ashlands timeline (190)barren (195)clothes (338896)container (28)dawn (224)db br 152 (2)dead tree (247)deutsche bahn (18)fallout (2616)fanfic (9070)fanfic art (10514)female (710849)horn (20912)implied genocide (213)levitation (8093)locomotive (167)magic (54715)mare (311394)pony (650329)post-apocalyptic (422)self-levitation (431)telekinesis (19391)teleportation (458)time portal (11)time vortex (36)train (1800)tree (21149)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96946)unicorn (185065)vault suit (2724)wasteland (983)


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Background Pony #BA96
Twilight Sparkle: You realize that me going back means you…this universe…will never exist?

Littlepip: Nothing will make happier.
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Well she never review any of those orbs… So this must have happen. If so then foe project Horizon’s moments with discord must be proof.
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