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safe1553154 artist:orang111390 spike74025 starlight glimmer42886 twilight sparkle279094 oc592516 oc:littlepip3736 alicorn190603 pony825017 unicorn256481 fallout equestria15038 the cutie re-mark2999 alternate timeline2643 apocalypse265 ashlands timeline206 barren214 clothes400028 container49 dawn276 db br 1522 dead tree305 deutsche bahn20 fallout3073 fanfic10142 fanfic art12804 female877541 horn40279 implied genocide235 levitation10283 locomotive181 magic64376 mare403405 post-apocalyptic462 self-levitation531 telekinesis24015 teleportation566 time portal12 time vortex37 train2179 tree26814 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113604 vault suit3162 wasteland1111


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Background Pony #24D8
Twilight Sparkle: You realize that me going back means you…this universe…will never exist?

Littlepip: Nothing will make happier.

Well she never review any of those orbs… So this must have happen. If so then foe project Horizon's moments with discord must be proof.