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@The Smiling Pony
>with my special eyes
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TSP, why must you slay my sides like this?

Oh, uh, to stay 'relevant'
something something too many crack shippings something something
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No, it's full of /mlp/ idiots that get their panties in a twist whenever an image has a pairing with their waifu and it isn't their OTP. More shippings in an image, more people that get ~triggered~ by it.

It's *fun to look at the downvote list (with my special eyes) and see how many of these people pretend to be some sort of freedom fighters or "true fans that accept everything" but start sucking on their thumb as soon as someone mentions "dislestia", "canon x oc", or any non-standard M6 pairing.

*And by fun I mean extremely infuriating.
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Maybe it will be a great surprise to you, but Celestia and Luna are ACTUALLY sisters! You could connect Twilight and Spike somehow, too.
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They are by technicality, but Knight Shine chose to be apart of the guard (which is actually a common thing with princes) and Flambé chooses not to take the title.

That's alright, thank you for respecting that. There's 0 sex involved for making Nymph, if that's a bit easier, but you are correct that Luna didn't really get a choice in Nymph's being born. She did make the choice, however, to raise her as her own.

I am including the comics~ It's why Quasar's magic is a bit… different. The way Umbra collapse emotion and just cause devastation, Quasar collapses stars. However, due to Celestia's magic that he inherited, he has that 'good' magic too. I liked the idea of Celestia's and Luna's children both being inclusive of those species that had been outcast and be a lead for a possible absorption into Equestrian society in the future.
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Horses in the 🅱ack
So if Blueblood got his title from being born into royalty then aren't Twilight/Flash/and Sunsets' children also royals?

And sorry if you felt uncomfortable by the rape thing it's just a difficult concept to grasp. But in a literal term it would be non-consensual love making, or taking.

Also it's pretty cool that neither Celestia or Luna's children are fully pony, but being a mix of changeling and Umbra. Or are you not including the comics? It's pretty vague what you mean by "dark magic".
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From what we know about Celestia and Luna, they haven't had children prior or other siblings, so him as their direct descendant is highly unlikely. I imagined it as a birth-given title from a separate high-ranking family aside from theirs. Celestia and Luna as more 'supreme' rulers have the right to strip him of a 'prince' title.

The Crystal Empire seems to be a bit separate from the rest of Equestria, so their titles changed after the birth of their children, yes (timeline tbd). However, I'm not sure about Celestia and Luna at this time, due to Twilight having a similar position to them now. For them to gain a bigger title without her would be a bit insulting, so that's to be decided later on.

It's not a rape thing. Suggesting that, honestly, makes me very uncomfortable, if you don't using a different term for what you're suggesting. I actually envisioned it to be more similar to bees. Bee queens only need to have been fertilized once to lay eggs for a lifetime. I combined that with a menstrual cycle (so a once-a-month cycle) and gave the eggs an ability to absorb attributes through love. At this period in time, Luna radiates love, because she's happy, (it would be the same with any pony who's happy) and since she's the first to come in contact with it, it finally obtained nutrients and attributes and was able to grow.

And that's understandable and I can see where the idea could lean that way. But the same could be said that both Celestia and Luna came from the same parents (from what we know) and Celestia did have ability over the moon for a thousand years as well.

Faeverse~ And Twilight is 'Mom' and Sunset is 'Momma'~ And it's a polyamorous relationship, rather than a threesome. A threesome is more a one-time act, rather than a loving relationship.
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having a threesome and getting kids? very weird, I can imagine the little stories in this new "farewellverse" about who's mommy and daddy :P
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Horses in the 🅱ack

Some more in-depth questions if you don't mind answering please.

So, Prince Blueblood was a title not his birth name, then that would mean either he ascended the ranks and became royalty like Twilight and Cadence, or he was born into it.And if it's the latter then shouldn't he be related to Celestia and Luna?

Why are Cadence and Shining Queen and King now, to avoid them having the same rank as their children?And wouldn't Celstia have to be a queen now, since she presumably married King Sombra?

Ah okay I've read Nymph's bio page and I gotta say, it seems like changeling rape to me, also Luna's looks weak if she managed to get defeated by a not even fully charged Crysy.

Also about Quasar, it just seemed like since Stars are only view able at night, that he takes after Luna more than Celestia.