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Damn, I got bored quick after finishing the last one…anyway I thought this pic would be more interesting. It's not bad, but I don't really want to do more with it, so it's just a loop this time.

Enjoy. :)
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tmi there, I mean, I'm a straight person who isn't pc or a modern thinker, But I understand that this is Derpi, a place where mods do actually do something about comments, so, I'll stay quiet :)
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being bi wouldn't have anything to do with hitting the right spots in this case over having fetishes that lean towards liking this sorta thing ;D (that, or basically just being a normal guy) xD

considering people out there that hate their balls being touched, can be of any thingie.
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Sorry to necro a month old image, but being bisexual, this image hits all the spots for me, especially the movement of Soarin's balls against Dash's tongue.
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I guess it's my special talent. :P If I had an OC my cutiemark would probably be penises ejaculating around a hand waving a paintbrush of something……wow, that sounded pretty weird.
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I heavily disagree with you on the grounds that, at least for me, that actually hurts a little bit.

Different per guy, I guess.
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RD: "Damn, Soarin. You balls are so dirty. It's a good thing you have an awesome fillyfriend whose willing to clean them for you."

Soarin: "Y-yeah. I'm groan of pleasure I'm a lucky stallion~"