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Times of Strife

Next addition for my *Season 5 Episode Art!
Season 5, Episode 25 & 25 — The Cutie Re-Mark
For more info on my *MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

The finale, wow. So much stuff, including stuff that were kinda relevant to my art as well haha. Those wars… I can so use those for ideas for my First Contact War. It just settles that they really do know the concept of war in Equestria. Was quite a serious topic. But at least there were plenty of comedic moments haha. (Spike had some great faces)

Since this was the finale, I thought I'd make a bigger piece. Then I just kept on adding more and more to the sketch… and I had to rethink my approach. Stream was a nice length, but not the only one this season of that length. Either way, I try to stay true to my 'one finished art piece every Saturday'. From scrap to finished.

Too many effects! At least I didn't have them full body. But in the end I managed. There were some times I was pondering whether to size down, but I managed to stick through it… relatively easy to be honest. Maybe since it was a special day, special episodes and all helped keep things going.

Anyhow, while season 5 is concluded, I will still be doing several art pieces in the Saturday Streams throughout December! There was plenty in the episode to make hah. (Did the same last season)

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed. I quite did, plenty of stuff to like!

Approx Time: 14,5 hours

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safe1681636 artist:assasinmonkey806 king sombra13641 nightmare moon16716 queen chrysalis34364 starlight glimmer47929 twilight sparkle297376 alicorn219740 pony943723 the cutie re-mark3173 cloud30031 epic1361 female1340791 fight6063 glowing horn19142 levitation11851 magic71996 mare468812 mare in the moon1706 moon23096 self-levitation616 telekinesis27139 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122473


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the ending/conclusion could have been so much better and pertinent than this gaudy magic-of-friendship bullshit, forgiving the unforgivable in the name of some absurd moral, but that single pic goves it justice. i dig it!
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_We can't undo what we have done
So show us now what we've become
Confront us with our viciousness
And our weakness
We can't evade our destiny
So show responsibility
For we all surely have a sense
Of our consciousness~_