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suggestive148557 artist:scorpdk684 twilight sparkle306558 human159199 adorasexy10143 alternate hairstyle29144 animal costume2227 animal ears121 bell collar2394 belly button81536 big breasts86298 blue hair1087 blushing205128 breasts289365 burger1948 busty twilight sparkle12483 cat ears1198 cat tail526 catgirl388 cleavage35712 clothes477014 collar34634 condom3235 costume28611 cute206089 cute little fangs2201 evening gloves8669 eyelashes12456 fangs26763 female1404811 food73166 gloves21001 hamburger635 heart50162 heart eyes17554 humanized102037 leotard4731 light skin4819 long hair4465 looking at you176193 multicolored hair5969 open mouth155114 pantyhose3492 pink hair1314 plate1787 purple hair826 sexy30750 smiling262139 smiling at you5300 solo1096564 solo female183925 tail31277 twilight burgkle530 twilight cat254 veggie burger23 wingding eyes23523


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Background Pony #4C84
Twilight’s Mind: “Say something sexy, say something sexy..”  
Twilight: “Nyah! Can I have cheeseburger?”  
Twilight’s Mind: “Well great, we fucked that up…”
Background Pony #CBE5
Please make more drawings of her in that outfit. This is just too good to just do once.
Background Pony #CBE5
If she comes with the burger as a prize. I would like to buy five more of them, to coplete the set.
C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

@Somber Star  
Nah. You keep one hand on Twilight’s body while keeping the other on your burger! You’re also wearing sunglasses! And EXPLOSIONS are in the background, and they spell “America”!

50% Luna, 50% Awkward
On one hand, Twilight as a catgirl in that outfit is pretty much all my fetishes rolled into one. On the other hand, I’m really freaking hungry.
… I’ll eat later.