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here's a version slightly more faithful to the original material, along with flash text.

…now we all can habe cancer b0ss
safe1750738 edit135900 edited screencap67226 screencap227426 starlight glimmer49795 pony1010694 unicorn342362 the cutie re-mark3228 8^y94 animated100827 caption22063 clapping682 cropped50475 dank memes294 female1402086 filthy frank89 gif32131 gif with captions349 glowing horn20528 horn77645 image macro37478 levitation12570 magic75395 meme83386 reaction image9562 seizure warning3325 self-levitation641 solo focus17497 starlight says bravo121 telekinesis28734 text62198 vulgar21157


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I did everything in photoshop. The "timeline" option under "windows" should let you see all the frames in the gif. For the flashing text, I created two layers of the same text with different colour and alternate them every two frames. I tried once per frame but it just made the text hard to read.

The original loop is about 1 second, by the way. I extended it into 3 seconds (duplicated the frames and looped it two times more) for this one because of all the text.

Y'know, in that one, Twilight might have accidentally killed Rainbow Dash. Think about it. The only reason Twilight got out is because she had her magic, but how would Rainbow Dash, as a filly no less, fare being trapped in that crystal thing until she plummeted to the earth and was shattered into a million pieces by the impact?