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The world needs more colorful horses shooting lasers at each other.

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Background Pony #6FB7
Who said it was sorely levitation? May it was “zero-weight” enchantment + “acceleration” and “levitation” spells?
Solar's Wrath
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Boobs/Snake Goddess
Yes because babies really young babies does not have the the capacity to form complex thought that would let them cast proper spell
You’re thinking about MLP without cutie mark when writing this which is flawed since cutie marks play a huge role in what you can or cannot do in this show.
@Background Pony #C857  
Yes it is by instant every case of levitation in the show ever. And the reason is simple, Newton’s laws of motion.
You do know that we’re talking about skilled unicorn and not all unicorn? Even then it still applies. Skilled unicorn shouldn’t be able to do what Pegasus can or Earth Pony can that isn’t universal. Which mean Unicorn should be able to fly, alter weather and alter natural life such as growing plants with magic and else.
As for the Sun and Moon, it WAS their duty to take control of the sun and moon so that is invalid and if you want to use that as a feat, remember that we don’t even know if Equestria is a planet or plane of existence. And its clear that both Sun and Moon are not that big either. And its also really possible that both Sun and Moon are not even physical objects.
Also you say a fraction of what a non unicorn can do. Right because AJ doesn’t have to buck tree by tree while Twilight can just in 1 go take apples from over 100 trees at once without breaking a sweat.
I’m not debating if they can do it or not. I’m saying they shouldn’t
Background Pony #7ED5
Those beams are like superman’s heat vision, they’ll probably burn a hole or cut through a pony’s body when hit?
Background Pony #F2AB
@Solar’s Wrath  
It was clearly shown multiple time in the show that levitation is relative to the horn’s position which render self levitation without a proper spell to do so other then simple levitation impossible since if the horn move the body up with a regular levitation  
I can’t tell whether you’re incoherent or just trolling, because the only reasonable interpretation of that post I can come up with is that the position of levitated objects remains constant relative to the user’s horn, which would be defied by… pretty much every instance of levitation in the show ever.
Unicorn CAN later weather with magic as shown with Rarity when she had RD’s cutie Mark and Trixie in her first appearance with Rainbow Dash.  
Which is a separate spell, and would thus require additional strain and attention to be used in conjuction with flight, and Rarity was doing terribly at it. What Trixie did was… pretty much insignificant compared to what any pegasus can do.
So a few of the most prodigious unicorns in all of Equestria can match the performance of the average pegasus, for a fraction as long, and at a higher risk of exposure-induced illness or injury.  
That’s not overpowered.  
Also, if you want to talk about “racial balance”, all the unicorns were responsible for in the Hearth’s Warming Eve play was cycling day and night, which Celestia and Luna are now soloing, rendering their entire racial function to… being haughty aristocrats and stage performers?  
Unicorns are simply the most flexible pony type. They can, to varying degrees, mimic the abilities of other races and species, but a given unicorn will generally perform at a fraction of a comparably talented non-unicorn at a non-unicorn task.

@Solar’s Wrath  
My response to that would be that most ponies dont need that kind of magic. Its possible for every human to bench press 300lbs or compose beautiful symphonies, but not all humans do it, because it takes time and dedication that alot of people arnt prepaired, or able, to put in. Just so with Unicorns and magic. Most ponies just get on with there life and dont spend the time devoted to magic. Twilight, Sunset, Starlight are the exceptions, gifted students that excersise the magic to the pinicle. Not all humans bench press 300lbs or write symphonies because they have neither the time nore the inclination to practice.
Solar's Wrath
Artist -

Boobs/Snake Goddess
Hum Pumpkin is the girl not the boy.  
You forgot that all actual spell that Twilights know are things she learned, not just made up, there are things to know in order to make spell works.
If your willpower thing was true then any unicorn could learn every spell but its not the case, most unicorn can only do simple levitation and spell related to their cutie mark…

@Solar’s Wrath  
Pumpkin Cake wanted to fly, and his subconscious made it happen, he wanted to follow his sister and he did. I suspect that any unicorn could fly if they wish, but there would be a tremendous cost in magic reserves. As for spells, ponies don’t seem to need actual incantations like wizards or witches. If the spell requires an abstract concept like time travel, then an incantation is required. With studying twilight could probably get to the point where she didn’t need the scroll to time travel. Magic in ponies comes down to mana reserves and imagination / willpower.

@Solar’s Wrath  
but does demonstraite that a unicorn can levitate itself and fly efectively under consious control, i suspect its the cost in Mana that causes the problems, Starlight and Twilight ran out of mana/stamina and were physicaly tired. unicorns wont levetate themselfs (or heavy objects) because power usage must scale with mas and time. look at Twilight with the Ursa-Minor!
Solar's Wrath
Artist -

Boobs/Snake Goddess
@Background Pony #C857  
It was clearly shown multiple time in the show that levitation is relative to the horn’s position which render self levitation without a proper spell to do so other then simple levitation impossible since if the horn move the body up with a regular levitation, the horn itself can’t move itself up in relation to itself Therefor Twilight stopping herself from falling like in the Sombra arc is possible but moving around isn’t.
Starlight Glimmer either use a spell made specifically for flight or magic in this show is broken, either way even if its indeed a spell it is also broken because Unicorn CAN later weather with magic as shown with Rarity when she had RD’s cutie Mark and Trixie in her first appearance with Rainbow Dash.
Also double casting is broken too. The Two part was awesome but they’re breaking the very balance between species and making Unicorn way over powered. So far there hasn’t been a True Vilain that didn’t a horn or some form of explicit magic (By which I mean spell casting) which just show how much the writer are unimaginative and doesn’t care that much about the world they’re working on.

A follower of the stars
at the beginning when she explained the spell also meghan mccarthy said the map could be used in good or bad ways after all in the end the map is connected to the tree of harmony…pure and ridiculously strong magic is what the tree has
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When did Starlight say that? I forget.
@Background Pony #C857  
I’ve always pictured Twilight’s stat build to be well-balanced compared to her friends, except for magic which is obviously her best trait. And her range of magic is also well-balanced, including the nifty ability to mimic other spells she has witnessed. (but hers are not as powerful as the original owner’s.)  
While I haven’t settled on Starlight’s magic being stronger that Twilight’s, I can definitely say that the kind of training she put herself through is on par with Twilight’s and many others who excel in magical strength.
Background Pony #F2AB
Starlight Glimmer is older and more experienced; has more experience in the actual practice of magic spells as opposed to theory; has a better mentality for combat, where Twilight Sparkle is panic and anxiety prone; plausibly only has slightly less power (being a world-class athlete means you’ll probably do a few percent better than a world-class athlete a couple ranks lower); has studied an offensive beam “for years”, thus has plausibly trained herself in combat tactics; plausibly has better maneuverability due to levitation-powered flight than Twilight Sparkle’s wings, who doesn’t have time to practice the same skill to a combat-ready level; and is better at taking initiative, keeping Twilight Sparkle off-balance and reactive, which is very important in strategy.
@Solar’s Wrath  
There is nothing about it that clearly differentiates it from levitation, and the only reason we have to believe that it’s not levitation is the fact that Twilight Sparkle never magically flies, which is easily explained as it’s just not something she’s practiced to do or is particularly good at.  
Both a world-class sprinter and a world-class gymnast are extremely physically fit, but both can do things the other can’t, and this is because, in varying parts each, of what physical feats they’re individually good at, and the years they’ve spent practicing them that the other spent on a different skill.
It also would not necessarily render pegasi obsolete, as we may imagine that it does not allow weather control, resistance to the elements, nor that Starlight Glimmer’s world-champion class self-levitation would offer the speed, agility, or endurance of even a moderately flying-skilled pegasus (let alone, say, Rainbow Dash, or a Wonderbolt).
Background Pony #DAFE
Some things to note that throughout all these little fights, Starlight always dodges while Twilight almost always puts up a shield instead. It has interesting implications in terms of how strong they are.
And Twilight even says that she realizes she can’t beat her, which probably implies that they’re pretty evenly matched power wise. If there is any difference, it’s probably in skill sets, which the fight scene you mentioned implies. Twilight definitely strikes me as the kind who would learn more about defensive spells than attack ones.
Also, Twilight’s brother’s special talent is connected to shielding magic. It would make sense that she would have stronger shields than others.