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Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

The soft crackle of the fire filled the air, along with that trademark smoky aroma of real wood burning. You swirl the hot chocolate around in your mug for a moment, not really wanting to take a sip just yet. You were much more content with just listening to the fire, and enjoying the company of the singer sitting next to you.

Your eyes averted to her for a moment, a brief feeling of worry washing over you as you see her shiver. You'd already given her your thickets blanket in hopes that it would push away the cold she gathered in her walk over here. The worry lingers, though, when you look to see her face. She looked uncomfortable there, her eyes glued to the mug in her hands. She looked… sad, like she felt bad about something. A morose expression was unbecoming of her otherwise beautiful face. You shot her a look of concern and asked, "Sonata, are you alright?"

The question lingered in the air for a few moments, long enough that you opened your mouth again to say something, but Sonata finally piped up.

"Why are you so nice to me?" she said, not taking her eyes off of her mug.

"What do you mean?" you asked with a raised eyebrow.

"After everything me and my sisters have done… no one else even wants to try to like us… Aria and Adagio… they didn't even want me around anymore. Why do you keep being so nice to me when everyone else doesn't even care? Why do you do this when you know I don't deserve it," Sonata said, still not looking up from her mug. You can see tears forming at the edges of her eyes.

You set your mug to an end table on the other side of the couch. With a gentle hand across her wrist, Sonata finally looks up to you. The look on her face is that of fear and sorrow, half expecting you to realize she's worthless and kick her out. Instead you give her a smile. "Because you deserve it, Sonata. Because you matter to me. I don't care how any one else sees you. I invite you out here because I enjoy being with you, and because you're not that monster anymore. I care about you. I hope you know that."

Sonata looked back down to her mug for a moment, her cheeks flushing through in a shade of pink. She looks back up to you with a soft, thankful smile and gentle eyes before leaning forward and giving you a quick kiss.

"Thank you…" she said in a humbled tone.

Sonata readjusted herself beside you in a newfound aura of confidence, nudging herself up under your arm like a loving puppy. You settle into the couch, wrapping your arm around her form.

"I care about you too," she said softly as she lies her head against your chest, her soft hair settling against your side.
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Looks like someone took at least one of the Dazzlings in after their defeat. (No pendant).
She looks grateful here.
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Sharing a nice soothing cup of hot cocoa over an open fire with a thousand-year old siren from another dimension.
Sometimes, very rarely in life, things go absolutely perfect. This is one of those times.