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That's your cue Chapelseed.


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Trilby Pony


Princess Twilight:

As. I. Was. Saying.

Friendship is the greatest gift that you can find.
Goes well beyond all mystic controls of the mind.
Sunset, my student, you had a bit of a slip up.
Twilight, this magic mess caused quite the hiccup.
But you're both good people, and I know you can be great.
Love to have a chat with both of you, but that'll have to wait.
Dazzlings, you've lost again, just call it quits.
Adagio, Sonata, Aria, didn't even need two hits.

And last but not least AJ
Love all you girls and trust you to always help me to save the day.

Didn't even need to come here, this wasn't too drastic.
Just wanted to help out, because Friendship is Magic.

@Trilby Pony
Sonata Dusk:
…Wow. We just got burned to the South.

I know that, but that's not we're talking about
While you two were just busy naming us sh!t,
We've done our plan: taking them into mindless pits

What she meant was we've taken over the students' minds
Now, they're trapped with us, with no way out of their binds

Maybe it's our turn to call you some really bad names
It's just revenge, cause it won't be the same

The Dazzlings:
Lucifer Shimmer, Dusklight Darkle
Sunset Badness, Twilight Failure
Idina Menzel, maybe Demi Lovato
And wannabe Adeles, cause we just owned ya!….

magic sparkle beam sounds
Sonata Dusk:
Uh, what's that sound?

Aria Blaze:
I don't know where

Adagio Dazzle:
I know that sound. It's coming from up there.
points to the sky and a rainbow alicorn appears and it shoots a beam of rainbow on Sunset Satan, Midnight Sparkle, and the Dazzlings
Trilby Pony


Sunset Satan:
*Turns away from Princess Twilight*

Oh, Midnight would you look who it is? The three stars!
When it comes to villainous plans, they've lowered bars!
You silly little Sirens, your plans are so saddening.
Oh, wait, you didn't even have plans. Now that's just maddening!

All you wanted was the world to adore you, that's depressing.
You three were so stupid that it's worth readdressing.
Let me get this right, you wanted to be adored?
Well listening to your scheming, that just makes me bored!

As a matter of fact, you three still manage to bore me.
I'm gonna pass it off to Midnight.Hey, finish this for me!

You're pathetic little jokes in the villainess ring.
You've got Auto-Tune necklaces just so you can sing.
Your magic is so sad I don't want to review it.
You had such power in your hands and then you blew it.

Adagio, the leader? You led your troops to defeat.
Aria? Your persona's not even worth trying to beat.
Sonata? I'd say you've a baby's brain, but insults infants.
All of you will fall, your defeat's truly imminent.


My little Hippocampi, you thought that you could beat me?
I had you categorized before you could even meet me.

Your gems couldn't handle all the power coursing through me.
And your silly little specters can't do anything to me.

@Trilby Pony
Extra verse:
Adagio Dazzle:
Stop. Right. There, evil devils. You may know me
As I am Adagio, the leader of the Dazzlings
You two have been wrecking this stupid school twice
Now watch me as I hypnotize the students with heist

Aria Blaze:
Hey, Adagio. Don't forget about the two of us.

Sonata Dusk:
Yeah. Aria Blaze-

Aria Blaze:
And this dumb Sonata Dusk.

Sonata Dusk:

Adagio Dazzle:
Whatever. We're still taking these two in hell.

The Dazzlings:
Now fear us! You little wannabe Adeles!

summons demon spirits

The Dazzlings:
It's our turn to be saying " Welcome To The Show"
Cause it's not about seven singing motherf@cking hoes
And we're gonna put you Under Our Spell

Sonata Dusk:
Don't Shine Like Rainbows

The Dazzlings:
Cause we'll send you to hell!
Trilby Pony

@Dirty Bit
Sunset Shimmer!

You were doing so well, what's going on?
Why are you fighting? Can't you tell this wrong?
Friendship is a gift that can't ever be severed.
It's a gift that makes you strong and emotionally tethered.

The Elements of Harmony helped you understand
The bond between friends is strong in any land.
Sunset Shimmer, listen! You're a really good friend
And I know you'll choose to do the right thing in the end.

Listen to me Sunset, you know that I'm right.
You've got a good heart, so show that Twilight.
Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

That's him, officer
@Trilby Pony

Midnight Sparkle:
If I'm Lord Tirek, then you're Nightmare Moon,
So jealous of the one who outshined you!
The only thing tragic is your choice of slaves.
I could easily send them all to their graves!

You think an army of teens will help with your reign?
With Snips and Snails as your allies? What a pain!
You don't need a hammer for a nail on the head
Like thinking your conquest would actually spread!

Your past is not today, but you're down to one minute.
This world is better off without you in it!
Trilby Pony

@Dirty Bit

Oh, isn't that cute! You think you can win!
In a battle against you, I'm certain to win!
It took friendship lasers to beat me, but then,
You fell to a simple extended hand!

You couldn't handle magic and know nothing at all.
I was born to magic, so you're destined to fall!
Like a poor mare's Tirek, you're you sucked away some magic!
But you've got no real style, and your story is tragic!

You're nowhere near Twilight's league, so that threat's a joke.
You're a little girl looking for a place she doesn't know.