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safe (1524006) artist:nekubi (779) diamond tiara (9462) lily longsocks (382) earth pony (179920) hedgehog (276) pony (798929) crusaders of the lost mark (1573) background pony (8564) blushing (167922) cute (167487) eyes closed (75759) female (848558) filly (56762) floppy ears (44797) frown (20923) lifting (446) open mouth (116197) plewds (112) shy (3299) smiling (202786) strong (159) super strength (167) sweat (21675) unamused (12784) underhoof (45035) unshorn fetlocks (20979) wide eyes (15745)


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #02BF
It's a good thing you changed when you did Tiara. Trying to blackmail a filly with the strength of a yak wasn't a good idea.

Does anyone else find it odd that she has a hedgehog cutie mark?

I was expecting something like the barbell one Apple Bloom got in Cutie Pox.