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A followup to "The Many Faces of Nuk" because why not?

I also haven't drawn Mmiri in a while, so it called for her turn to be in an expression art.

Unlike Nuk's expressions, which were based off of real photographs of Gerenuks, Mmiri's were improvised. Since Springboks don't seem to make that many expressions compared to Gerenuks. I searched on Google Images and didn't really find any good ones.
Just Springboks making overall blank stares at the camera.

Which expression is your favorite?
safe1676198 artist:thefriendlyelephant410 oc665911 oc only438482 oc:mmiri40 antelope252 springbok47 adorable face1473 angry26508 animal in mlp form253 bedroom eyes57986 confused4628 cute195288 dreamy84 expressions919 face1534 happy30397 heart47095 horns5697 laughing7771 surprised9030 traditional art115888 wink24062


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