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safe1783808 artist:creytor10 boulder (pet)1322 limestone pie5184 marble pie6790 maud pie12884 pinkie pie222935 equestria girls211543 alternative cutie mark placement1846 belly button83442 clothes488188 equestria girls-ified10444 front knot midriff1424 midriff20091 pie sisters1281 shirt27054 shoulder cutie mark342 speedpaint559 tanktop8300


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Sugarcoat's Counterpart
And based on what the artist wrote in his original description about Limestone, he KNOWS what’s up!  
His words:  
I’ve always wanted to see Pinkie’s sisters in their adult form… My dream came true after watching “Heartbreakers” :‘D  
I LOVE Limestone Pie’s mane. It makes her look like a rocker girl.

Sugarcoat's Counterpart
I love that Limey’s cutie mark is a tattoo on her right arm. Really shows off the badassery she embodies! :)