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safe1587469 artist:andypriceart2948 idw14276 king sombra12764 observer (character)76 princess cadance30501 rabia64 radiant hope435 alicorn197742 pony855023 umbrum992 unicorn270767 siege of the crystal empire209 spoiler:comic10082 spoiler:comic3644 armor21794 cloak3819 clothes413794 colt13426 comic102209 crystal guard218 crystal guard armor330 epic fail248 error947 fail1323 female916093 male309279 mare420483 official comic2447 september27 transformation9877 when you see it587 you had one job444 you know for kids435


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Given that the mirror universe's Big Bad was Celestia, a pony whose modus operandi IS sunlight, maybe the Mirror Umbrum were horrifying but nice creatures that sacrificed themselves using their shadow bodies to shield the ponies from her assaults, leaving only a young one to continue their ways.

TL;DR Mirror Sombra is Kal El.

So wait a cocking dam minute, if the Equestrian Sombra is a creature of pure shadow and darkness, what the fuck is the Sombra from the mirror universe, a being a pure light?
Background Pony #3CCF
@Background Pony #9216
It wouldn't feel as forced if she didn't see him kill Princess Amore, enslave her kingdom, and then make the whole place go "poof" after he was defeated. It would be one thing if she was tricked by being ignorant of the situation. It's another when she makes believes that everything she saw wasn't true and then willfully commits treason that attacked her home city, teamed up with petty characters who want revenge, an outright villain with Chrysilis and her Changelings, put innocent lives in danger, attacked national heroes, and then allowed the princesses to be turned stone.

It's one thing to be naive, it's another to commit treason to do it. I mean, if they skipped the entire villain party bit, and instead snuck into the castle, snuck into the throne room when Cadance and Shining Armor are out, opened the secret floor stairs, and revived Sombra. Then if she tried to convince him to leave or if she told him to use the plan that he knew (and she knew a false version of: same name, her version a lie, Sombra's the truth), and then he betrayed her, telling her the truth of the Umbrum she spent a thousand years with or stringed her along until he regained enough strength.

Then I think Hope would get sympathy.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2017) - Celebrated Derpibooru's five year anniversary with friends.

Even though the umbrum's true forms are quite spooky, couldn't they have tried to continue acting nice, at least until they got released? They probably are angry about being trapped a long time, or Cadance's magic does really hurt them.

Speaking like a Saturday morning cartoon villain and going hostile right away didn't help their chances. At least they were kind enough to monologue about why they created King Sombra.

Maybe they are all just emotion/life draining smoke monsters and I'm overthinking this :\.

@Background Pony #2FF0

If the writters goes to approach the Umbrum just evil like blackvsWhite while we saw Sombra's and that he actually havê sentiments just like ponies, then it'll be the worst writted comic because Sombra IS a Umbrum just like the others, in a body of pony. I hope that they do not fuck up with it.
Background Pony #9A75
I knew that if Sombra was the Anakin of the situation, then there had to be a Palpatine between the Umbrum.
Background Pony #9A75
@Millennial Dan
Did the writers just call young Sombra a "filly"? I knew those guys were kinda dumb, but still…

They explained in Fiendship is magic that they have could send Sombra out of their prison because he was small of size.