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safe1707112 artist:noben285 applejack169969 rainbow dash234019 earth pony248981 pegasus292066 pony968228 fall weather friends750 bound wings3529 cute199893 dashabetes9250 female1363719 jackabetes5973 leaves1936 log697 mare480943 open mouth145962 running5978 running of the leaves175 scene interpretation8612 smiling248655 unshorn fetlocks25524


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@Cirrus Light
haha yes! profile pictures can tell a whole lot about a person :D

hmm I never thought about Dashie's tied up wings like that. gotta love cartoons for the way they can nullify a lot of tiny details like body movement :) I'd love for more of Applejack's rope antics in later episodes!
Cirrus Light
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Sciencepone of Science!
Minor detail that I've noticed that's always bothered me about this episode… It's actually really one of my very favorite episodes, I love it to pieces, but all the cartoon silliness bothers me slightly, but at least everyone recognizes it's just cartoon silliness… But what bothers me somewhat because it's not recognized as such, is what a handicap tying Rainbow's wings up is…

It's not just that she can't fly — that's fine — but if AJ's tied her wings tight, or even just moderately, then the rope will be tight enough to make it hard for Rainbow's diaphragm/chest cavity to expand, thus making it hard for her to breath. Not enough to be a real hazard (though I certainly wouldn't advise sleeping like that), but certainly enough to make it a LOT harder for her to run and perform aerobic activity in general :q

You could say it's loose, but
A) We saw AJ pull it pretty tight before the race, and
B) if it were loose enough to not cause a problem for aerobic workouts like running, then it would be so loose that it'd slip right off, I'd think, at least.

@Joseph Raszagal

Lol. Well, look at the profile picture, he she is clearly the element of honesty loyalty!

Also, yes, I have always found his her remarks somewhat entertaining for… I'm not quite sure why. I think it's because it's like; "lol, yep, that's exactly what I'd expect from that profile picture… And past comments from this same person…"
Arcade Fever
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)
Artist -

Mare with a joystick
This is the writeup that is supposed to go with this image:

Ah.. fall.. my favorite time of year..

Fall Weather Friends is the first time the friendship dynamic between Rainbow Dash, a rambunctious pegasus, and the country bumpkin of a pony Apple Jack, gets some spotlight.

I decided the first part of the race was the best to show. The spry Rainbow Dash had solid determination to not lose. With her smaller size and tied down wings, she weaved through the forest with ease, while Apple Jack enjoyed competition for the sake of it. All smiles and confidence, the down to earth workhorse bound over obstacles without a care.
Arcade Fever
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)
Artist -

Mare with a joystick
First off, Noben is female.. I should know, i'm her husband. and second.. she's never done any artwork for the PCA ever.. but thanks for liking her artwork?
Background Pony #DE92
I thought the same, then I realized that they do a lot of OC art, so that probably explains it. Good stuff though.