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safe1585880 artist:jinrex0151 edit119537 edited screencap57221 screencap206153 pinkie pie204336 rarity171036 spike74434 twilight sparkle283703 alicorn199462 dragon48892 earth pony205589 mermaid1787 pony856007 unicorn273643 scare master866 animated92864 athena sparkle203 bouncing4260 clothes414443 costume24798 cute181141 female1186501 implying259 le lenny face121 male325061 mare426645 mermarity233 nightmare night costume1400 pigtails4038 pinkie puffs164 plot71470 power bottom96 roller skates753 shorts12508 sitting on tail10 skirt36121 solo focus15316 suggestive description28 sweatband496 tail20857 tail bounce4 tail stand47 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116179


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The Dark Pony

To each their own, but I think both she and her outfit are very attractive.

(Also I'm not sure if we want to talk about boners and sexualizing their outfits on pics tagged "safe")
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@Keith Mowz
"I’ve never once actually seen an attractive person working out."
Take a guess why? They're already good looking. No need to waste time in a gym.

@Background Pony #D381
Strange, no one here said anything about the era of Pinkie's clothes. Sure, an eighties aesthetic first comes to mind, but this type of outfit has been around since the 50s.

Bobbie Mateer, Roller Derby athlete, 1955:
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Patron of the pone
@Keith Mowz
interesting to see how the sexulization of clothing seems to differ between person to person.
never heard someone complain about how a hot teen girl in short shorts, blue vest and roller skates, aka "exercise wear" would be hotter if she was wearing something else.
Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
That goofy, childish, messy-ass hair, the big clunky uncomfortable looking skates, and everything else is exercise wear that makes her look like a middle-aged mom doing calisthenics.