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suggestive145369 artist:mrscurlystyles644 marble pie6587 earth pony256129 anthro264313 unguligrade anthro49255 adorasexy9956 beach15349 belly button79387 bikini18500 breasts282980 clothes466730 cute202694 female1380225 off shoulder1308 sexy30020 solo1077273 solo female181380 swimsuit28839


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Background Pony #A2F5
She had to work up to this moment

first time at the beach she wore the bikini under her winter outfit
and every time after she would wear one less item of clothing

until she has gotten to this stage

Stopped caring
Very cute, but I have the feelingshe's probably hyperventilate and pass out before ever being able to go out by the poolside with all those people watching.

Is there a word like tsundere, but meaning something "sexy but excessively shy"?