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We can’t stop here, this is BAT country!

Inspired by Friendship is Magic #33 cover by Andy Price!
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@Background Pony #DE17
Rarity appears to have a white cape draped over her shoulder. She’s got her body turned towards Applejack, while her head is turned towards us and her right hoof holds up the apple. You can see the pointed collar of her cape just under her hair, behind the neck. I think Rarity’s right shoulder/upper arm also has a gold band around it, though its partially obscured.

Her left hoof can be seen holding up the rest of the cape. The green color is just the background.
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Background Pony #4C29
Can someone explain what’s going on with Rarity over here? In her body part. I can see the head and a hoof with an apple but the rest just looks to me like a bunch of lines that don’t really form a part of a body. Gorgeous drawing by the way. I just wish it would click in my head what i’m looking at.
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Background Pony #75A8
@Background Pony #25D8
Go back and read through the 10+ past Rarijack Daily images where this has already been discussed to death in comments over the last year.

Short answer people have agreed on: it’s a Rarijack blog, they’re paired up in it, it’s in the name.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Wallet After Summer Sale

Ah, Halloween. My second favourite holiday after Christmas :)
I’m having a movie night with some friends, anyone else have plans?

Loving AppleDrac and NosfuRarity :3
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