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I got the idea from the source and ran with it.
Panel 3 is from an image made by slb94
Panel 4 is from an image made by xebck
The rest are screencaps

Limestone might let Marble and Mac 'use' Holder's Boulder, under one kinky condition. Big Mac is all for it, but Marble seems a bit creeped out.
suggestive134994 artist:headless rainbow13 artist:slb941119 artist:xebck723 edit125442 edited screencap60626 screencap213493 big macintosh27382 limestone pie4801 marble pie6263 pinkie pie209667 earth pony222966 pony901967 hearthbreakers1169 ...2200 akanbe51 big macintosh gets all the pies9 comic104539 curly hair633 frown22077 glare8126 grin35485 holder's boulder182 image macro36544 implied bisexual168 implied incest1543 implied lesbian3217 implied threesome193 limemac21 male350260 marblemac477 marblime101 meme80170 open mouth133007 rock farm515 scared9902 screencap comic4382 shipper on deck1405 shipping191219 smiling229614 smirk11783 stallion100283 straight129749 straight hair195 vulgar19897 wide eyes16513


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DarkMech is Best Mech
I see that in the last panel Pinkie is already restraining Marble in preparation.
I guess she's acting as facilitator. Or that's her excuse so she can watch.

Oh, hey, there's a limemac tag now.
Background Pony #FAD9
Go for it Marble!
Hey, look! A limemac tag!
I can see the Dom/sub porn already!