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I draw for a living, so If you like what I do and would like to support me.. please consider my Patreon every bit helps a lot! ^^
suggestive (113034)artist:lumineko (2624)button mash (3488)nightmare moon (14991)oc (525030)oc:cream heart (1811)bedroom eyes (44358)buttoncest (277)clothes (355611)dreamluna (148)eyes closed (67936)floppy ears (41302)frown (19591)game boy (264)hair over one eye (6918)harem (689)implied foalcon (1399)implied incest (1264)licking lips (3368)multeity (1633)oedipus complex (16):p (5818)panties (41542)plot (64910)self ponidox (6210)smiling (183130)snuggling (6124)socks (49126)striped socks (16618)striped underwear (2549)tongue out (75773)underwear (49634)wide eyes (14288)wtf (1868)wtf face (28)


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Background Pony #A580
I think Button has played too much Metal Gear Solid. He’s turned into Psycho Mantis.
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