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safe (1430356)artist:koviry (386)princess celestia (83707)princess luna (88053)alicorn (163871)pony (699033)alternate hairstyle (21295)beautiful (3696)cute (148809)duo (39186)featured image (703)female (761032)forest (7576)hug (22662)mare (335843)open mouth (104367)pink-mane celestia (1938)raised hoof (32114)royal sisters (3240)s1 luna (6418)scenery (6174)sisters (5989)snow (10897)snowfall (3842)spruce (30)tree (22633)winghug (2348)winter (3437)


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Yet One More Idiot

World's biggest idiot xD
This makes me think of the Christmastime hymn "In the deep midwinter".

I also have a feeling like they just crossed through a portal from Equestria into Narnia. "See, I told you it was real!" :D
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Also, lovely landscape and atmosphere in this drawing. Nice liighting, and I like the almost visual silence the snow and snow-ceovered tress give. Damn, I wish this came in wallpaper size.
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