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Pinkie followed them until their eventual deaths, helping translate the one word answers.
explicit (286418)artist:magello (129)big macintosh (25503)marble pie (5650)pinkie pie (190948)pony (714122)hearthbreakers (1061)bipedal (27361)blushing (156435)color (1620)cute (151778)cute porn (6171)eye contact (5763)funny porn (919)holding legs (374)marblemac (453)on back (20214)open mouth (106181)piledriver (446)sex (95352)shipper on deck (1327)shipping (166833)smiling (186488)that was fast (1308)vaginal (29934)vaginal secretions (33099)


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(Previously known as HighRollerHydra)

Somehow, I can sense this would make a really interesting clopfic, the two trying to make love and Pinkie giving advice constantly (while unintentionally cockblocking them).
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This reminds me of Atilio Gambedotti’s Neighborhood when a guy is having sex with a paraplegic girl and asks his neckbeard friend to put on four legs so he can fuck the girl as a table. Then, the girl asks the neckbeard to have sex with her. Then, they DP the girl. It was bizarre, tender and hot as hell.
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