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> you will never have as much fun as Sombra in that panel
safe (1426090)artist:andypriceart (2685)idw (12788)king sombra (11669)radiant hope (390)pony (694201)unicorn (202253)siege of the crystal empire (163)spoiler:comic (8857)spoiler:comic35 (54)angry (19933)ascended meme (1)cape (7599)cloak (3301)clothes (354762)comic (89277)duo (39036)female (757832)frown (19552)glare (7558)glowing eyes (8469)male (257113)mare (333978)official comic (1921)open mouth (103863)pronking (932)smiling (182682)smirk (9221)stairs (1248)stallion (72695)that pony sure does love stairs (26)


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