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Background Pony #6C36
If we're doing parodies, I still want to see all the different superman variants. Bizarro version, colt version, cyborg version, soviet version, red version, blue version, reality punching prime version, strangely dark movie version, Equestria 3 ultra version, high chancellor version, and the version where it's not him but another pony in an iron suit paying homage to him.

And then the version where he's teamed up with a bat pony…
Background Pony #24DF
Second male alicorn we've seen in this show. Funny enough both appearances were in S5…

Anyway it seems alicorns are seen as superhero figures as well huh. Not too surprising, because they're often responsible for saving their people from all kinds of dangers and they do posses incredible powers.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Pre-G4 Art Archivist
I'm not saying someone in the mlp universe couldn't have made one, that would just be stupid. I'm saying this would be the first canon representation of one we have actually seen in the show; fictional or otherwise.

However the thing is Equestria is female centric (as expected given the show) I was just speculating this could actually be Supermare (Superwoman) instead of Superstallion (Superman)
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Pre-G4 Art Archivist
I'm curious, given how the MLP world is, is this Superman (Superstallion?) or is it Superwoman (Supermare?)? If it's the first than this is the first actual canon incident of a Male Alicorn, albet a fictional one.
Background Pony #2FE7
So, I'm guessing that he wears something to cover up his wings (to pass as a unicorn) and puts make up over his cutie mark in civilian form?